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Compassion in World Farming has done an amazing job in achieving real changes for millions of farm animals

Joanna Lumley OBE

Joanna Lumley

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Compassion in World Farming has uncovered shocking cruelty on Italian farms. The Italian farming industry wants us to believe that its ‘delicacies’ are produced in higher welfare systems, with authenticity and quality in mind. But the sad reality is far from ‘al fresco’.

When a Compassion investigator went undercover on Italian pig farms, he had never seen pigs so deprived of stimulation. Crammed into barren pens with nothing more than their own waste to occupy their inquisitive nature. If they were lucky, they’d have a log or two as ‘enrichment’ – a pathetic attempt to comply with regulations.

Conditions on dairy farms are also woefully poor. Italian cheese, renowned around the world, is very likely to have come from a factory farm. We estimate 90% of Italy’s cows are kept indoors – they will likely never see a blade of grass. Instead they will spend their short lives indoors as milk machines.

Your gift can help expose the lies and destroy the propaganda of the factory farming industry.

Italy is one of the largest rabbit meat producers in Europe and another of our investigations exposed the horrifying conditions Italy’s rabbits endure. Cages were barren, cramped and stacked on top of one another. We saw dead baby rabbits strewn on top of cages and rabbits drenched in their own urine and faeces. Most were sick. All were suffering.

Then there’s the vast Italian poultry industry. From the tens of thousands of meat chickens crammed into single barns, to the awful barren cages so firmly entrenched in quail farming.

The cruelty inflicted on Italy’s farm animals must be stopped. Consumers may be willing to pay the premium price that comes with Italy’s ‘artisan’ foods, but the terrible cost to farm animals is far greater. Which is why we need your help to end the deceit behind the deli.

Please consider a donation today to help stop the grotesque cruelty inflicted on factory farm animals.

In the past, the Italian agri-food industry remained largely silent on animal welfare issues. It didn’t need to speak as nobody was asking questions! But now we are here, we are asking, exposing and challenging the industry. The response? More lies to the public. But they are very much mistaken if they think this will stop us.

With you by our side, we believe we can expose the lies that the factory farming industry propagates. Only if the reality of factory farming is exposed, will the industry be willing to change. Truth is our weapon to do this. Truth and you. Please give what you are able to today.

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Thank you for your amazing support.