Bon appétit? We won't be silenced by factory farms

In October 2016 we released adverts, funded by our supporters, in cinemas across France, revealing the reality of intensive farming and the higher welfare alternatives that are available. One of our ads explained the conditions endured by 95% of French pigs.

We spoke the truth. We spoke out for the suffering animals.

But now representatives of the pig farming industry are taking us to court!

They are claiming that our simple message: “do not buy meat from intensive farms” is an illegal call for a boycott and is prejudicial to pig farmers.

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Your donation will defend the truth and fight farm animal suffering, in France and around the world


Regular gifts are vital in the fight against factory farming. It takes time, money, and persistence to expose cruelty and transform food production

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So what's really on the menu?

Cafe de deception

Sauté de Porc au Cidre

French pork will probably be from an animal born in a cage, and reared in a crowded pen. Although pigs are intelligent and curious animals, in France, they are often routinely tail docked and raised in completely barren pens, in breach of EU law.

FActory farmed french pigs

Donate today to help end the suffering.

menu swirl

Parfait de foie gras

France produces 19,000 tons of this fatty liver every year. That’s 73% of the world total. The ducks killed for this famous ‘delicacy’ will have been force fed to grossly enlarge their livers before slaughter. Many do not survive the force feeding process.

French duck being force fed

Donate today to help end the suffering.

menu swirl

Lapin à la Moutarde

Ninety-nine percent of farmed rabbits in France are kept in cramped, barren cages where sickness is rife. Does (female rabbits) kept for breeding would have been routinely injected with hormones to produce larger litters in quick succession.

Factory farmed french rabbits

Donate today to help end the suffering.

menu swirl

Omelette aux Fines Herbes

32 million French hens – that’s more than two thirds – are still laying their eggs inside cramped cages, unable to run in the sunshine, perch in safety, or even properly spread their wings.

factory farmed french hens

Donate today to help end the suffering.

menu swirl

With your donation we will fight to end the suffering in France, and around the world.

Our work in France

The farming unions are a powerful force in France. And the French government has repeatedly backed cruel farming methods: From encouraging small farms to ‘diversify’ into factory pig and chicken farming in the 1960s; to offering subsidies to laying hen farmers to move to ‘enriched cages’, instead of encouraging higher welfare systems, when barren cages were banned in 2012.

CIWF France petition signing

But the good news is we have made progress. When CIWF France was established in 2011, the farming industry didn’t even see the need to defend their ‘animal welfare’. Since then, over 200,000 French citizens have joined us to take action – lobbying their MPs, signing petitions, attending demonstrations. Now, the fact that the factory farmers are so rattled by our advert shows that they see us a as threat!

We have also played a key role in persuading MPs to vote for compulsory CCTV in all French slaughterhouses – a vital step that could ultimately help prevent the atrocious treatment of animals, exposed by repeated investigations, in many French abattoirs.

And our team has helped deliver a Private Members’ Bill that could be the beginning of the end for the horrendous live export trade in French animals to the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s not all bad news on the menu

There are French farmers doing great things for farm animal welfare. Free range, slow-growing ‘Label Rouge’ chickens now make up 20% of the chicken market in France. And you don’t have to look far to find pasture-reared beef and lamb on French plates.

There is an alternative to factory farming – and, equipped with the facts, consumers can turn their back on cruelty.

With your gift, we can keep up this momentum.

How you can help

We can fight for a world where ‘good welfare’ doesn’t just mean food and shelter, but every animal having the chance to experience sunshine and fresh air, and to express natural behaviours.

Your donation today will:

  • Fight the lawsuit launched against CIWF France by farmers’ unions
  • Beat the myth that ‘made in France’ always means ‘high welfare’
  • Help citizens to speak out and break the silence that condemns animals to cruelty
  • Persuade big food companies to put a stop to farm animal suffering
  • Defend the truth, and expose factory farming – in France, and around the world.

Together, we must speak out for farm animals. Together we can expose, and end, factory farming.

Donate today to end factory farming.

Joanna Lumley

"Compassion in World Farming has done an amazing job in achieving real changes for millions of farm animals."

Joanna Lumley OBE


Where your money goes

For every £1 you give, 83p goes directly to our work improving the lives of farm animals. We spend 3p on governance, and the other 14p generating the next £1.

Our donor charter

  • We are approachable
  • We are accountable
  • We act with integrity
  • We spend income wisely
  • We respect your privacy.