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It's time food labels stop hiding farmed animal suffering


What’s behind the labels on our food?

Food packets often beckon to us with images of quaint farms, green fields and blue skies. They use language that reinforces this impression, with reassurances like “farm fresh” and “100% natural”. The truth is, labels like this are often lying to you.

What does “farm fresh” mean for a piglet? An intensively reared piglet may never feel fresh air or see the light of day. It will live in a crowded, barren pen and sleep on a bare floor.

Soon after birth, its teeth will be ground down or clipped and its tail docked (to prevent other piglets biting it out of boredom). And all without any pain relief.

What’s “100% natural” about a laying hen’s life? A factory farmed hen lives in a closed, dimly-lit shed, crammed into a crowded cage. She has very limited space to stretch her wings or to behave naturally for the whole of her short, miserable life.

weaner pigs on slated floor

Demand transparent labelling

We want people to have the power to choose products that are farmed to higher standards – you could help achieve this. The UK Government says it’s interested in introducing clearer food labelling that covers animal welfare, but has made no commitment to a consultation.

We must make sure this happens as a vital first step toward changing the law. Then, if the consultation we’re asking for goes ahead, we need to lead it to ensure the evidence is thorough and completely understood to support the case for a change in regulations.

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Europe’s leading on labels

IN FRANCE: With the help of Compassion, the Casino brand launched its first poultry welfare labelling scheme with other retailers following. Labelled poultry will now benefit over 80 million animals a year.

IN GERMANY: Lidl created a labelling scheme for chicken, turkey, beef and pork which has now been adopted by several other retailers, including Aldi.

IN ITALY: We’ve campaigned to prevent the introduction of misleading labels – especially on Parma Ham.

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After our grueling, six- month legal battle, the Scottish Government has finally called a halt to live exports of unweaned calves that breach maximum permitted journey times.

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1.6 million signatures

More than 1.6 million signatures were collected to help End the Cage Age.

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3 billion farm animals

a year benefit from higher welfare thanks to our supporters and Compassion's


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