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Don't let cruelty put your home on the map

Stop the spread of factory farms

Our latest research shows factory farms are spreading across the UK. Your donation could help change the planning laws, stop the cruelty and end the destruction they cause around the world.

How does your area compare?

Our latest research data has revealed the regional density of farmed animals confined indoors across the UK. Overall, there has been a 12% increase in UK factory farms from 2016 to 2023. More worryingly, there has been a 20% increase of US-style “mega-farms” during these seven years. One billion farmed animals are now reared, confined, and suffer in the UK every year. Scroll over your region below, how does yours compare to others?


We can make a difference

Thanks to help from supporters like you, we’ve had success stopping new factory farms from being built. Strengthening the law is critical; it will empower communities to reject applications in areas burdened by factory farms better than ever before. Your donation today could help us advocate for animal welfare, the environment, and human health as legitimate reasons to stop the expansion of factory farming.

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Act now to End It

Factory farming is a despicable system that treats animals as commodities for the sake of profit. What’s more, it is driving climate change, biodiversity loss, and river pollution, and is a huge risk to human health. This is happening on our doorsteps right now, and the fact that it is spreading is utterly disgraceful. This can and must be addressed with urgency.

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Animal cruelty

85% of all UK farmed animals

are confined in factory farms every year.

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Climate risk

35% of greenhouse gas emissions

are caused by the current food system.

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Health threats

30% of our antibiotics

Antibiotic overuse could fuel future pandemics.

About us

For over 55 years, Compassion in World Farming has remained dedicated to reforming the world's broken food system, ending factory farming and introducing a more humane, fair, and sustainable one.

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Why we and farmed animals need you

Our promise to you is to use your gift in the most effective manner possible to end factory farming:

  • Save Animals. Factory farming is the bigget cause of animal cruelty on the planet.
  • Save Our Planet. Factory farming intensifies climate change.
  • Save Wildlife. Factory farming threatens the survival of many animals and plants.
  • Save Our Future. Factory farming wastes resources, giving little food energy in return.
  • Save Our Health. Factory farming breeds disease and causes antibiotic resistance.

The vision, involvement, and investment of Compassion's monthly supporters will help the world move past cruelty and destruction, sparking a new era in agriculture and farmed animal welfare.

Together, we can pioneer abundant, sustainable food that is free from animal suffering, now and for generations to come.


Where your money goes

For every £1, 77p goes back into our work. The remainder is invested in fundraising to grow our campaigns and the global movement against the world’s biggest cause of animal cruelty.

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Our Donor Charter

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  • We respect your privacy
  • We are accountable
  • We spend income wisely
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Leaving a gift to Compassion in World Farming can be one of the most powerful ways to change the future for farmed animals, ensuring that your values, passion and commitment to ending factory farming will continue.

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