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Help take animal cruelty to court and end factory farming

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Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have already improved the lives of millions of farm animals. But it takes time, money and persistence to win new laws to ban cruel cages and to end factory farming for good. Will you help?

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Together we can realise our vision of a world without factory farming and the senseless, unnecessary suffering it causes.

Why are you so crucial right now?

Farm animals are suffering.

Across the EU, 300 million factory farmed animals are living miserable lives in cruel, outdated, and unnecessary cages.

In intensive systems, mother pigs may be imprisoned in narrow crates, barely able to move in early pregnancy and when nursing their piglets. They are deprived of almost everything that makes life worth living. Most will never experience the outside world. These animals are exhausted, and their suffering is immense.

You can stop this nightmare by donating now to help end all cruel factory farming practices.

Sow confined by very restrictive bars, not even room to turn around, or nurgse her nearby piglets

Together we can end factory farming

People like you can make a big difference.
Thanks to our generous supporters and NGO partners, Compassion in World Farming spearheaded a campaign that led to 1.4 million people in Europe calling for an end to the Cage Age. As a result, the European Commission promised to introduce legislation to phase out caged farming in the European Union.

But now that promise could be broken.
The Commission is bowing to pressure from the factory farming industry and dragging its heels on publishing its historic proposals to ban cruel cages. If the proposals aren’t released it could set our campaign back years, maybe even decades, leaving millions of animals to suffer terrible lives behind bars.

That’s why, we are funding the End the Cage Age legal action against the European Commission. In this unprecedented step, we are demanding it delivers the cage ban it promised without any further delay. .

Will you help support our work to end animal cruelty?

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See how you are part of the solution

If we can achieve legislation to ban cages in Europe, we will be setting a precedent worldwide for better, cruelty-free lives for billions of animals.

Ending cruel cages, as well as the factory farming system and the suffering it causes, is a huge ambition and right now we are up against some major and urgent challenges.

But with the support of amazing people like you, we can succeed.

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Our successes

Better lives for hens

after we won a ban for barren battery cages for laying hens across The European Union in 2012.

A mother hen with her chicks

Our successes

Better lives for calves

after we helped win a ban on cruel veal crates in the UK in 1990 and throughout the EU in 2007.

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Our successes

Happier sows

after we helped win a ban on sow stalls in the UK in 1999 and a partial ban in the EU in 2013.


Where your money goes

For every £1, 77p goes back into our work. The remainder is invested in fundraising to grow our campaigns and the global movement against the world’s biggest cause of animal cruelty.

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