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Will you help stop future tragedies for farm animals?

On 14th June 2015, a cargo ship called the Trust1 arrived in port in Somalia with a hull full of up to 13,000 dead sheep. This was the terrible result of a totally avoidable journey that started in Romania 24 days earlier.

Sadly, this is just one example of the animal abuse that takes place – on factory farms, in trucks and on ships – around the world. But your gift could help prevent future tragedies for farm animals.

Your support can expose, and end, the suffering of farm animals.

Your donation will be the next step towards a world where all farm animals are treated with compassion and respect.

Regular gifts are vital in the fight against long distance transport and factory farming. It takes time, money, and persistence to expose cruelty and change the future for farm animals.

What happened to the animals on the Trust1?

21st May 2015: 13,000 sheep were loaded onto cargo ship, the Trust1, in Midia, Romania.

28th May 2015: The Trust1 arrived in Jordan. It was reported that over 5,000 sheep had already died from dehydration, starvation and exhaustion. The port authorities couldn’t complete an inspection of the ship because of the overwhelming stench from dead and dying animals, and refused to unload the ship. They ordered the captain to dump the carcasses at sea, clean and disinfect the ship, and feed the remaining animals, before returning to port. Instead, the captain fled.

30th May – 13th June 2015: After a couple of days in Jordan, the Trust1 departed and, over the following two weeks, attempted to dock in numerous other ports to unload its cargo. All of them refused.

14th June 2015: The Trust1 finally arrives in Berbera, Somalia. At this point the trail goes cold, but it was rumoured that all the animals were dead, and that they were dumped at sea. What is certain is that, shockingly, no one was held responsible for this tragedy.

Please donate today to help stop future tragedies for farm animals.

A global problem – but you can be the voice for change!

The Trust1 tragedy is just one example of the risks and dangers of transporting animals over long distances. There are many more disasters that go unreported. And, even when journeys go to plan, the suffering, stress and injuries caused by long journeys are completely unacceptable.

Imagine travelling for hours, maybe days, in a crowded truck or ship, with no idea where you are going. You’d be confused, exhausted, even terrified. What is more, animals’ basic needs for clean water, food, bedding and rest are often not met. And, in many cases, a grim ending awaits them at their destination due to inhumane slaughter practices.

These sheep were being held at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Delays at border crossings frequently add to the suffering of exported animals.

The immune systems of young calves are not yet developed, leaving them vulnerable to the disease and infection that are often rife within cramped lorries and ships.

Overcrowded conditions and extreme temperatures can often result in dehydration and exhaustion.

Please make a donation today to help change the future for farm animals.

How your donation to Compassion will end animal suffering

To honour the memory of the 13,000 sheep who suffered so much on the Trust1, we are holding the annual Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day on the 14th June 2018.

On this day, thousands of people will stand together around the globe, to demand change for farm animals and an end to the appalling live transport trade.

Please will you support the International Awareness Day, stand up against cruelty, and help give farm animals a better life. Your gift today could help to:

  • Print leaflets, posters and placards to spread the word about the harsh reality of the live transport trade. In cities, ports, and local communities around the world, you can make the message loud and clear: Stop Live Transport!
  • Cover the costs of meeting with politicians to persuade them to act on live transport and cruel farming practices. We’ll bring your passion and compassion into the room, and convince policy makers to put animal welfare on the agenda.
  • Provide advice and support for campaigners around the world who are fighting live transport and animal cruelty. From Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town, from Brisbane to Dublin, people like you are speaking up for farm animals. You can stand with them on 14th June and beyond.

Change is possible – with your support

The good news is that some countries are beginning to show signs of recognising the cruelty of long distance live transport, acknowledging its unpopularity amongst the public, and taking what could be the first steps towards ending this trade.

Recently, in Brazil, live exports were briefly halted by a court ruling due to concern about slaughter practices in destination countries. And, in the UK, the Labour Party has recently backed a ban on live exports. And the Conservative Party has committed to ‘control the live export of animals for slaughter’ as the UK leaves the EU.

Compassion supporters and other campaigners in the UK also forced a parliamentary debate on live exports, which was held in February. During this debate, government Minister George Eustice announced that they had commissioned a report on the effects of transport on animals. Then, a petition to end live exports surpassed its 100,000-signature target – and the government announced a public consultation on the trade.

However, there is no certainty what steps the UK government will actually take – and we also urgently need other politicians around the world to act against long distance live transport. So, right now, your support is more important than ever.

Take action to help end this cruel trade

As we gear up for Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day, we have already been overwhelmed by the commitment and passion of people like you. So far, around 70 events are planned all over the world for the 14th June.

It is vital that, together, we keep up this momentum. Our work will only be done when no company, no port authority, no government is prepared to accept long distance live transport. When no animal suffers in a factory farm. When a tragedy like Trust1 can never, ever, happen again.

Please, if you can, make a gift to Compassion today.

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