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Please don’t leave UK farmed animals behind bars

The EU has recognised the need to End the Cage Age, but there's more work to do. Will you keep up the global fight against factory farming, and help ensure the UK's farmed animals don't get forgotten?

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27 countries

Together, we have won a huge campaign victory that could see an end to cages in all EU member states.

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1.4 million signatures

1.4 million signatures demanded an end to caged farming.

Don’t let profit be prioritised over farmed animals

The European Commission has committed to tabling an EU-wide ban of cages for farmed animals but EU-wide support for the legislation is needed. Past experience tells us that member states or vested interests are likely to push for compromises and delays. So, we still have a tough fight on our hands. We must keep up the pressure in the EU to make sure the proposed ban becomes law, without being watered down by those who’d rather protect their profits than animals.

chickens in cage

Right now over 16 million British hens are living behind bars

The UK must end the cage age

In the wake of the UK’s exit from the European Union, there is a chance for the UK to shape its own animal welfare policies and legislation. As things stand, the UK Government has still not committed to a ban on cages that cause so much suffering to so many animals.

Right now, millions of hens and mother pigs in the UK are cruelly trapped in cages and crates that prevent them doing many of the fundamental things that make life worth living. If the UK fails to keep up with an EU decision to ban cruel cages, it could leave millions of the UK’s farmed animals to suffer for many years – perhaps even decades. It may have serious implications for UK farmers too. The lack of an equivalent UK ban on cages could potentially create further barriers to trade with Europe – even for higher welfare UK farmers, who might then need to document that they are meeting the new EU standards.

Pig behind bars

Hundreds of thousands of pregnant pigs, the brutality of caged factory farming

Together we can end the cage age and stamp out factory farming worldwide

We know we can succeed in banning cages in both the UK and the EU, but only with your help. Together, we’ve scored many game-changing wins before:

  • the barren battery cage ban for egg-laying hens in the UK and EU.
  • the sow stall ban for pregnant sows in the UK and for prolonged use in the EU.
  • the ban on crates for all calves in the UK and EU.
Pigs outside where they belong

Pigs outside where they belong


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